Colder Than (Fluffy White Edit)
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The original track has been featured on the 'Head and the Chainsaw'-Album. This alternate version is much less baked and brings even a small buttered slice of jazz.
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October 12, 2007
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5:16 minutes
Music: Braehler, Words/Vocals: Hofmann © 2002 - Days of Triumph
Story behind the song
If the lights turn to red, there's some possibilities. Drive anyway or just park your car... What would you want? Why do you always want?
Colder than More than a million words we´ve said The hardest stone a pillowed bed Fives inches tall but lost my hat Does someone have what I not had Show deeper down´s where I can get Still stroking daemons I have met When black´s the only colour that I have while worms are crawling down my neck Are those Kittens ever sad Where I have been your warmest pet Could never walk but walk ahead What could be sane is true instead The light that´s green´s a light that´s red Always Be even Colder than the Dead I wish and hope yet fear I had Even Colder than the Dead Be better off would better be off be better off dead