The Great One (Slow sidechain)
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Another Demotrack out of the treasurebox. Version 7 of TGO was slower than the final version and has all in all slightly more transparence than the maxed out albumtrack.
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October 12, 2007
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6:37 minutes
Music: Braehler, Words/Vocals: Hofmann © 2002 - Days of Triumph
Story behind the song
Evolution vs. Muscles
The great one Walking shallow waters Act like gods Act like pure So small So small When you shine brighter than the Sun I never care, ´cause soon it´s gone When ours is a deeper glow And ours is a longer light to go The Great One´s hollow, as the other ones grow Will there always be Someone smaller To tread on So easily So easily Let yourself be worshipped Getting lesser Getting done So vacuous That vacuous