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Mostly electronic track with some backup guitars. 2nd track of the 'Head and the chainsaw'-album.
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October 12, 2007
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4:20 minutes
Music: Braehler, Words: Hofmann © 2002 - Braehler/Hofmann
Story behind the song
Well, if it comes to feeding the archetypes, there's always the moment of realization, that people are not what you felt them to be. And sometimes you may find a hollow shell.
Head and the Chainsaw - Hayland Here we stand In these Chambers of Sound Losing sense of time Losing sense of colour But then I find The things that went And I say Your body, but not the mind A final cut The final cut Then - was sleeping at the feet of angels Now - is looking at a worn out shadow Then - was painting brightest pictures for you Now - thereĀ“s nothing left to say about The looks are good, But the brains are amputated Hayland There was a stand In these chambers of my terror A blinded sky A stolen picture Your eye is a question Of things that went That say The trains are all gone A final kick The final kick