Can't Be Sane
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Parody of Can't Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus
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July 01, 2010
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Jeff Reuben
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Story of my life!
Sock Mafia! At inappropriate times I act a bit wacky Make you want to smack me Wearing clothes that are tacky, I'm nuts like that Try to take my picture and I'll start making faces Lacking in social graces Always seem out of place Yeah, I'm weird like that I go through shrinks like red lights when I'm running late My momma thinks that I have given up on dates Now I am still hoping to find my perfect soul mate My true love will be able to relate I can't be sane, she won't complain, cause she's my dame Might wonder what's wrong with my brain I can't explain Why I'm deranged, I can't act right now cause I'm insane When I live with 58 cats it won't be a shocker I'm off of my rocker Cause I'm like a cuckoo clock (I am the Sofa King!) I spend too much time in the cornfields of Indiana Sometimes go bananas Dance like Hannah Montana I rock like that My sister says that I should try to act my age Not wear a wizard hat and black robes like a mage Or dress up like a bird and dance 'round in a cage So bad I just laid an egg I can't be sane, or I'd be lame, that's not my game I lost my marbles down the drain I can't be sane I won't be plain I can't be proper cause I'm insane I'll smash my face in a cake Then bathe in a chocolate shake Eat fruit that is fake, I'll step on a rake, I'll bellyflop with no lake I'm crazy I'm spacey I'm crazy Don't tase me (I can't be sane) My parents said don't be afraid to be myself I'm pushing forty but still acting like I'm twelve I learning spells from my imaginary elves Don't fret if I don't seem well I can't be sane, I don't feel shame, no one to blame I can't can't, I just can't be sane I must be crazed Now I'm amazed I can't be normal cause I'm insane