Dainty Wainty FuzyWuzy SoftPink Psychopathic Bunny
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Parody of Itsy Bitsy Eeeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by Brian Hyland
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January 14, 2010
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Jeff Reuben
Story behind the song
Fear The Bunny!
I was afraid to go camping last summer Wolves, bears, who knows what else there could be? But the whole trip turned out to be a bummer You see the Park Ranger told us to flee Two, three, four, what beast made that fright-ning roar? It was a cutesy, wootsie, sunny, funny, angry, evil, rabid bunny That demolished our campsite that day A dainty, wainty, fuzzy, wuzzy, soft pink psychopathic bunny It's Camper Season, and we were his prey Two, three, four, ate the host came back for more! Now all bunnies are supposed to eat veggies But this one seemed to not carrot all Cause when we tried to distract him with veggies It just sank his sharp fangs into poor Paul Two, three, four, what monster could make such gore? It was a mammal with a grisly habit, furry little blood-soaked rabbit That ate Jason at Camp Crystal Lake We tried to shoot it, beat it, stab it, but we couldn't kill the rabbit So in a panic we all ran away Two, three, four, hide inside and lock the door We were afraid to come out of the cabin Were afraid to be dragged down that hole And we wondered what was going to happen When this little man went for a stroll Two, three, four, who is going to go hardcore? He was a doofy, goofy, stunted, grunting, short and balding rabbit hunter But it turned out that he was a dud He tried to fight it with his gun but it was backward he took the brunt So in the campground he fell with a Fudd Should have stayed home in the city Could have eaten rabbit stew Now I'm lost in the forest My hare-raising tale is through