A Horny Geek (Jeff Reuben/Emily Miller)
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Parody of Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. Lyrics by Jeff Reuben, vocals by Emily Miller
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July 26, 2009
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Jeff Reuben / Emily Miller (EmiLoca)
Story behind the song
I want a woman who wants me for my lightsaber!
Right now, he's in his mom's basement with his loser friends, They're playin Dungeons and Dragons I thought, "I'm cute and he's a nerd, he'll have eyes just for me," but interest is laggin'... Right now, I'm lying in bed in my french maid costume, with my whip, and some cherry love foam... But he's not home... When I pull my skirt up past my thighs he just keeps rollin his twenty-sided die, He won't even try to sneak a peak... I try to flirt and talk dirty, with nothing on, He replies...but in Klingon! Maybe next time I'll date a horny geek Right now, he's probably up testing some Alpha version of an obscure video game Right now, I'm up with candles and wine He's busy building a lightsaber cause he's lame, When I...say, "Baby, rock my world!" He shows up and plays me Guitar Hero Oh he's got the codes! When he picks me up I don't know why he re-cites seven thousand digits of pi Odds of getting laid are looking bleak, He just won't come to bed when I turn off the light Plays World Of Warcraft all night... Next time I'll have to date a horny geek I'm not against a little gaming on his X-Box, But the next time I date geeks Oh, they'd better roleplay with me No...D and D... He wears clip-on ties, pit stains are soaked, and he laughs too much at farts and bathroom jokes, All his puns are forced and pretty weak... But I'll try speaking his language, "Love Star Wars, right?" "Babe let's make Wookiee all night!" Maybe I can create a horny geek Ohh.. baby I'd love to date a horny geek Ohh...a bedroom freak... Ohh...