Pat Sajak
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July 30, 2006
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jett © Maximum Headlessness
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a short rant about stuff
Listen to the rhythm of your heart beat. Eatin' burgers at the murders on the tv. Fascination with a nation speakin' free speech but a safer habitation stole my instincts I think you waited too long to make your first move Fashion is in affection, it's a new rule. All the yuppies holding puppies like accessories. Using useless information as a therapy. checkout line standing in line checkout line, wait (here kitty kitty kitty) There's an attic in the closet that you hide from Change the channel and relax, you can rely on our generation's hesitation to be civilized. In the future all your secrets will be televised. and i just can't wait. (here kitty kitty kitty, h-ah-ah-aha-h)