I'm So Cool I'm Dead
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February 10, 2005
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Jett © Maximum Headlessness
Story behind the song
The lyrics are based on snobby local musicians and their counterpart groupie girlfriends.
I'm so fuckin cool I'm dead, i guess you haven't picked up on all the clues that I left I'm in your red light district struttin my stuff You say you're eighteen, I don't think you're eighteen enough I got the whole black market hiding under my dress a name you can't put your finger on but still you can guess another bleach blonde hairstyle, totally obsessed about her social reflex and tinsletown rejects I'm so fuckin cool I'm dead, another tongue in your mouth for all the shit that you said you got your scene points, fake clique, struttin your stuff but your big dick mouthwash isn't enough you got the whole scene believing that you're just like them you stick yourself with pins and needles cuz it makes you friends why don't we stop with all the laughing and we'll just pretend that we're not social rejects, push that button, eject they have no mercy this is your last chance i think i think i've had enough off with your head you're always kissing ass off with your head