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An Irishman looking for work in America. (see our video)
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June 15, 2009
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W. Scott Messer © 2004, Darby O'Gill
Story behind the song
Another somewhat autobiographical piece.
I am an Irishman by birth, and Ive come into your nation To discover what Im worth at some other occupation I used to be a clerk, before my immigration And I sure could use some work, and I want a situation I have some experience, and a well-known reputation In Irelands defense against the British exploitation But Im willing to be trained, and I dont mind relocation And in case Ive not explained: I want a situation Oh lord, what do you know; another mothers son is on the dole Oh lord, what do you know; another mothers son has lost his soul I have been a deportee, and Ive faced discrimination Ive been under lock and key, poverty and near starvation And if I might just add, as I make this application That I want so very bad to get a decent situation If youll excuse my bein bold, but Ive had some confirmation That American streets are paved with gold; now, thats some decoration I am no sort of slob, though Ive no sophistication And I sure can use a job, and I want a situation