Dancing Wild
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relinquish any concepts of control over our material possesions, for Everything that is Alive is DANCING WILD including Life itself!
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September 05, 2007
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Jes Karper
Story behind the song
I lost my hat and various other objects that really seem unimportant when I took the time to put them into the perspective of the wild dance of life that we are all a part of. Life. Love. God and all the great mysteries of existance are all dancing wild and we are blessed to be able to know and feel this and syncronize with the wild dance of Creation
Dancing Wild I lost my yellow pencil and I lost my favorite hat but I really know that this wasn't where it's at because I found a scarlet feather and I found a glowing pearl and I know that there's beauty that is priceless in this precious world and money cannot buy it power cannot claim it 'cause it's a dancing wild bronco institutions cannot tame it Now I lost my cheap sunglasses and I lost my house keys and if I keep on loosing things I will be naked in the trees but I found a fresh fruit and I found a small seed and if I keep on looking around I will find everything that I need money cannot grow it and power cannot reap it 'cause it's a dancing wildflower and I intend to tend and keep it now I lost my lunch money and I lost my thought train but all the energy I used will come back to me again because I found some freshwater and I found a peaceful spot and the energy which flows through me no dam can ever stop Money cannot block it power cannot slow it 'cause it's a dancing wild river and it soon will overflow it Now I lost my green money and thus I lost my power Oh but this is what is building up the next babeling tower and I found a wildflower I found a dancing river it's a wild bucking pony but the truth it shall deliver and Money cannot control power cannot reverse 'cause it's a dancing wild speck of dust floating in the universe