Culkulkan is Coming
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Cukulkan is the feathered serpent returning to reconcile the maya people, and this deity is alive in the people who raise their voices in resistance to corporate colonialism, and even the weather is on their side.
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February 08, 2005
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Jes Karper
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WTO Cancun, September 2003 at Kilometer 0 we dismantled ti chain link fence which was consructed to keep the people out of the WTO convention which was being held 9km away from there in the Zona Hotelera. At Km 0 the Korean farmers as well as many others, myself included, built camp in the traffic circle, where we continued to maintain a presence and raise our voices against the undemocratic process taking place out in teh convention center. In the traffic circle, were replicas of the maya god Culkulkan from chichen itza. This god became part of our movement then and helped us with wind and rain at appropriate times throughout the week as teh people succeeded in colapsing the conference of teh WTO and delivering the message that the WTO is obsolete and OUR WORLD IS NOT FOR SALE!!!!
The people rise up and so will the weather Culkulkan is coming great serpent clothed in feather There's no use to run away, there's no place to hide the truth we speak tears down your walls and reveals all the lies inside