My Country Tis of Thee
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Old tune rewritten to reflect the country I live in and just what 'Thee' means to me.
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September 05, 2007
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Jes Karper
Story behind the song
I feel that certain songs that grade school students in the US are taught are not really helping them to grow up in a better world, and see themselves as a part of a global community instead of a tyrantical and segrigating societly.
My country tis of thee sweet land of liberty to thee we sing so i'm declaring independency from imperial plutocracy globally and individually let freedom ring Oh but My Country it tis of We all the sweet people who love our liberty all shapes and sizes from A to Z if the peoples voice could lead as in a true democracy then the governing elite would not preach white supremecy its time that we do much more than just plea for these creeps to set our country free its time to throw a party like Boston harbor full of tea December 1773, back then the elite charged a fee and still paid no creedence to teh taxpayer's plea the same is true today you see and this country, It Tis of We oh my country tis of thee a sweet land of liberty to thee we sing