Till The End
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Cause and Effect... Cause - My Life, Effect - My Music
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August 13, 2004
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HOOK and i wont... turn my back on a friend wat i say is true my words will not bend and i wont... forget all the times spent always n forever missin nguyens but i will... be there till the long end not punk out wen pains to feelins and i will... give a shoulda lean then always push on and neva give in *sing* i will neva turn my back on u 4x (neva neva neva, ill always be there for ya) VERSE 1 sometimes in this world it seems so cruel the best of friends would leave for their own jewels abandoned words like it was neva said but wen time needs they back with u instead u see wat i say i neva regret cuz my words are true with my heart and mind set true that, ill neva back stab- like wen u was with his gurl while he was out bad speedin on highways drunk off hinekens his life was endangered while u was schrimigin trust, deadly situation first they take yo heart then they go bak fo new skin deepest secrets made to gossips everyone u turn to aint really who's witnessed do your best to fill these shoes not always wat u will, but wat u wont do VERSE 2 my laws i obey by, obey by my laws respect yoself and you'll recieve it by' large other-wise, you'll be a man with no nation cant-survive, thats like a diet with no rations spend yo prime wise, fullfill yo time mark the stone before life expires achieve your ambitions, dont be left wishing accomplishments makes a man so keep liftin driftin, away from set goals that happens wen procrastination hits those and for my ladies there's sumthin to kno haters get haters n hoe's get hoe's no luv fo gold diggas and thats fo sho real gurls get real guys and thats how it all goes so respect yoself and you'll recieve it by large my laws i obey by, obey by my laws VERSE 3 im always strong on thoughts however it seems many times i aint rite but i must voice my speech cuz i believe, that im gonna make a difference i already proved many wrong with still decades of existance for instance, the distance that i traveled is only a fraction of wats going to unravel but from the outside u cant see my pains with-in thats why i make these songs, self therapy with a rhythm