Drain The Blood
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Collaboration between Michael J. Bowman and Don Campau called 'Alternator'. To be released in 2009.
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May 19, 2009
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Don Campau/ Michael J. Bowman © 2009
Story behind the song
A romance of the dark, liquid, everlasting type.
Drain The Blood Where do you go when the sun rises? Do you hide underground when the light comes in? Take refuge in the black With the heat of the day comes a mortal fear I can’t stand this grey mask of gloom I will watch you as you taste the moon Where do you go As the sunrises? Take me in your arms And I’ll offer you my neck The blood will make us strong And you’ll have your future back Lily raised her hand to her mouth and slowly licked at the red stream. The flavor of piquant metal on her tongue sedated her, began to thaw out the chill in her bones and made her feel a few moments of calm and peace. But she needed more. Wanted more. A trickle was not enough when what she wanted was a scarlet gush to flush out the dirt. She had to cut deeper, harder. She needed to drain the blood. You will smile as I enter you Back and forth like the tidal pull Where do you go when the light comes in? Do you hide underground when the sun rises? Take me in your arms And I’ll offer you my soul The freshness of the blood Once again will make you whole She didn't want to die. She didn't want to not exist. She just wanted to bleed. Lily drew the blade down the length of her forearm, deep enough for the wound to piss blood, but not deep enough to bleed her dry. Michael J. Bowman: drums Don Campau: vocals, moog, lyrics Additional lyrics by Alex Severin