I Nailed Sarah Palin
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October 11, 2008
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Don Campau © 2008
Story behind the song
Recorded in Santa Cruz CA oln 9 Oct 2008 and co-produced by Greg Gray who plays lead guitar
I Nailed Sarah Palin I went north to race a guy named Todd We were rivals in Iditarod He had a girl that he liked a lot But she wouldn’t give it up Then one night after pizza and beer She winked at me and said , “Don , come here” “Is that your car?” is what she said Before I knew it she was giving me head I nailed Sarah Palin I felt kind of cold and kind of crude But Todd snarled at me and said, “Let’s Go Dude!” The whistle blew and into the snow But there was something that he didn’t know I nailed Sarah Palin Ice fishers throw the little ones back But barracudas can fight back That icy trail had done me wrong At least I did that hockey mom Lipstick makes that pit bull smile So I did her doggy style I nailed Sarah Palin