Passeio Astral
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The moon is mixed with a sensual woman, her skin turns sea and an astral trip begins in the search for love, passion and fantasies, is neither dream nor waking, is bossa nova is in alpha state.
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August 20, 2013
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German Bense © AGADU
Story behind the song
"Passeio Astral" (An astral walk) ... a journey through the sidereal fantasies aboard a ship called "Bossa Nova" Evidently inspired in the full moon, the thoughts rolls free in a waterfall of fantasies, exciting views and passions, delicious secret passions protected by the impunity of the the light-dark of the night. A mere mortal who finds protection in the arms of a deity bright, mysterious, deliciously curvaceous, a timeless adagio, an impossible dream, a kiss distant light years from his mouth. "Astral Walk" is neither awake nor dream, is bossa nova in "alpha" state, in the fuzzy boundary between certainty and uncertainty, sometimes in a limbo between the real and surreal, sometimes in a kind of purgatory between heaven and hell. Bed sheets that become clouds, glow of the moon on the sea that turns skin, woman skin where surf ... sidereal space that turns sensual space, the perfect stage for love, a passional amphitheater that only off their lights when the sunrise comes.
PASSEIO ASTRAL (Lyrics & Music by German Bense, January 2011) A lua cheia brilhando na pele morena do mar onde eu vou navegar infinito ceu num passeio astral sonho que me traz a paz do teu olhar Perola branca diadema, princessa sereia do mar misteriosa e sensual gosto de voce deusa de cristal luz da poesia que eu perdi... Quando os lencois dessas nuvens te apagam eu quero chorar de dor, nao me deixes so nessa escuridao, vem meu amor, vamos brilhar com as estrelas. Lua do amor impossivel, absurda paixao sideral para um simples mortal vem o amanhecer chega de sonhar la longe no horizonte a noite ja nao tem luar