House By The Sea
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Performed by CHANGES with Jan Cleary, Jonathan Beckenstein, Kathleen Hoover, Larry Steiger, Alex Torres
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August 11, 2008
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3:53 minutes
Jan Cleary © 1975
Story behind the song
spending the future with the one you love
I'd like us to build a house by the shore facing the northern sky and we could have the very same garden we saw in a movie about a house by the sea. You and me, together You lay in my arms in a swing on the porch we will dance to the sounds the sea we rejoice in our love for the asking our love for the giving lost in a womb by the sea You and me together Breath in the sky, bathe in the sea As we love in our house by the shore lost in a garden of eden a haven of beauty choosing the peace of the sea You and me together