Turn Up the Fire!
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Performed by BEBO Jan Cleary, Anne Marie Stehn, Stephanie Madden, Jenny Brooks
Peak: #271   (188,807 songs currently in Alternative)
Peak in sub-genre: #57   (31,600 songs currently in Indie)
Upload date
November 28, 2004
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MP3 3.4 MB, bitrate 128 kbps.
3:45 minutes
Jan Cleary © 1997
Story behind the song
Well, I'm a little shy, I guess it was that crazy time while we were waiting for the turkey to cook -- and that takes hours -- and there was nothing else to do and it was damn hot in the kitchen!
I've been cookin in the kitchen I've been workin up a storm plenty needs a fixin but it won't take very long! Your love will stop my hunger Your love you stop my thirst It's a cold spell I've been nder Baby come and warm me frist! Turn up the fire! Ohhh..you make me sweat It feels as though I'm fading I'm getting weaker by the day and if you keep waiting, you, know, I'll might just fade away You've been keeping secrets, words you can not say You try so hard to keep it that's no way to play Turn up the Fire!