Hold On
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Performed 1987 by Jan Cleary, Bob Cleary, Jim Gately, Dan Rubin
Peak: #32   (188,809 songs currently in Alternative)
Peak in sub-genre: #6   (31,599 songs currently in Indie)
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November 25, 2004
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3:44 minutes
Jan Cleary © 1987
Story behind the song
You gotta accept that it's time to move on!
I got your picture taped to my mirror I keep it there so I won't forget Thw way you looked then, the way you sounded when You told that we reached our final step I try to call you, you're never home I waste a fortune on the telephone What I get are recorded messages Your voice keeps telling me You'll get right back to me I might as well, try to face it The Love I gave you was really wasted If you paid me for all the times I'd be so rich now, it's such a crime Hold On I'm Trying I'm really trying My heart is crying Baby for you! You, you don't hear me when I call I guess this silence says it all I'll just keep on moving on down the road without you!