Black Day (Demo Version)
Demo version of one of the tracks from the EP "Convalescence." This demo has a drum machine in place of live drums.
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Upload date
December 03, 2004
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MP3 7.4 MB, bitrate 128 kbps.
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Vocals - Tvarozek, Music - Vonnis © Vonnis
Story behind the song
The election and everything before it.
Black Day Another day in the sun and we are melting 'gainst the static like you All the seams came undone no one is watching you let it fall straight through Beneath all your blackened roses you have started a fire billowing your lies bless you God seems pleased with your complacence the smile on your face it's time to lose it we'll make you The bandages on our eyes Made up of pictures So transparent Like you Information denied Our ears have been shut Control is applied Taboo Beneath your mask you are faulted Your choices repulsive You can't change the world You fell through Envisioning your ideals In the minds of the millions You've gone too far We won't let you The flag still burns on your side, on your side We can't allow you to deny, to deny Crushing dreams for your pride and lies yet still some people believe you Sending all the innocent off to die just so your second bid goes through Stripping us of our rights, and your prayers answered by the ones that pay you Your facade is breaking so step down, before your time is overdue Tell me how you keep believing that everything will change All your promises that never met their ends We would like to wake up one day from dreaming to be free We would like to wake up one day and be free Step down.... (Lyrics copyright Tvarozek/Marcelis 2004)