Stepom Stepom in English (Golden wheatfields)
Originally dedicated to the fight against Fascism in WW2, this iconic Ukrainian song ironically can be rededicated to Ukraine's fight against Russian fascism on the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2. Itunes, Amazon etc soon @
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April 03, 2015
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Words Nehoda Music Paskevych Adaptation Pasicznyk © English adaptation Stepan Pasicznyk 2015
Story behind the song
A village engulfed in the flames of war, a mother who waits for her conscript son who is now in "eternal sleep". English adaptation with lyrics on song called "Golden wheat fields"
Golden wheat fields full ofyoung men fighting Golden wheat fields blood their story writing Mother Mother you were left alone Standing crying near your burning home. Golden wheat fields sound of cannon firing Golden wheat fields young men falling dying Golden wheat fields claiming young and brave Whispering fields you became their grave. Bindweed bindweed grows where wheat was growing Golden sunshine with sadness overflowing Shines on each memorial of stone Side by side yet each of them alone. Silent wheat fields no more call for reaping, Lone bird flying cries as if a weeping Mother Mother a faithful vigil keeps For her son who sleeps eternal sleep. Translation adaptation Stepan “Ludwig” Pasicznyk England March 31st 2009