U Lie
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Well the music category for this is hard to find .. All I can say is the song is typically 'Ghosts' music ..
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December 24, 2003
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Ufu Niazi and Rob Taylor © December 2003 Ufu niazi and Rob Taylor
Story behind the song
Youth played this to me and after to listening to it we decided it had (in a peculiar sort of way a 'Delilah a la Tom Jones' feel to it .. Only this is a bit more nasty :) See what you think ..
You Lie You lie all the time You fuck with my head all the time With you it’s always you first leaving me behind The years that you’ve bled away my trust But the only thing you wanted was to satisfy your lust Even from the start you’ve always got your own way The honeyed tone voice and your glib words made me stay Like a stealthy creeping stalker you lied your way into my head Your endless made up stories left the truth lying for dead And every time I tell myself you’ll change it’s always one more chance The whisperers call me a fool and know she’s leading me in a lied filled dance Well the point’s not far away when I won’t take anymore And she’ll be another statistic wheeled across the morgue room floor You Lie You lie all the time x2 Now you’ve lied to me too many times For a change I’ll put me first and leave you behind Now the only thing I feel is bloody lust I’ll rip your ugly heart out and turn it into dust The neighbours are shouting at the door so it won’t be long But you can’t get up off the floor cos your lying is done