Dancin' Shoes
guitar, vocal, synthesizer, with Linda Kelly Armour -Vocals; Jay DuCharme - Production; Scott Howarth - Drums
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June 22, 2019
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Tom Neilson © tom neilson
Story behind the song
In 1970, a 21 yo farm boy heads south to Mexico to avoid the war in Vietnam
Guns were blazin across the sea Spent my last night on the floor CO better than a PhD. No way I’m goin to this war. Freight train leaving this Texas town Headin down the line to Brownsville Barely took off my cap and gown Tin soldiers with flowers gone to kill Swingin doors invite me in Leave my backpack at the end of the bar Country band with a Texas swing Can I be your swinging star So invite me for a drink or two Not a night to feel alone Let me hold you for a dance or two Soon the road’ll be my home Don’t want to drink your union bustin brew Don’t need no liquor to wash me down I just want to swing and sweat with you Before I leave this border town You were teaching kids to read and write But you’d collected your last pay Takin your dancing shoes on the road Gonna wear them in LA Guns were blazin across the sea Rio Grande waitin outside the door But right now it’s you and me Burnin up this bar room floor Last night in this country for a long, long while The memory I take away is you Can’t remember feeling such a smile Like I’m feelin in your dancing shoes