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May 25, 2019
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Tom Neilson © Tom Neilson 2019
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535 members of congress ignore the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Protection. No one intervenes to interrupt the violence, multiple violations of international law and to provide protection for occupants of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC
535 on Capitol Hill 535 know how to chill When Protectors protect the embassy; Not show up. They all agree On international law; Speak no evil, hear no evil, Nothing they saw; 535 ignoring you And ignoring what law Requires they do. Now, some of them want to be prez, But Wall St. says Don’t rock the boat If you want my vote. Well, vote means money We all know that So keep the law under your hat. No food to eat say 535 Or water to drink to stay alive. Looks like Congress wants that oil. Not one shows up, no one to spoil Threats of rape, murder and maim, Stealing and hitting, it’s all the same To 535 and their state of police; The constitution and democracy cease. Do 535 support the coup With their silence to violence? Nothing, they do. Like with Julian Assange, remember him? 535 silently grin. And some want him dead Cause it’s a sin. Speaking truth is a crime Say 535 in their pantomime. 535 won’t show at the embassy No safe passage for sovereignty Do they stay away out of fear Of being assaulted; Why they don’t appear? 535 stay away. Is that what they’ll do When Guaidistas come For me and you?