A Penny A Pound
folk song about Immokalee workers strike against Wendy's for better working conditions and a penny more a pound for the tomatoes they pick; performed with Inari Jade and Wylie Robbins Thorne-Thomsen on mandolin
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September 14, 2018
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Tom Neilson © Tom Neilson 2018
Story behind the song
The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is asking the food industry to respect the human rights of farmworkers in their supply chain and pay a penny a pound more for the tomatoes they buy. Whereas other fast food franchises like Taco Bell, Burger King and McDonalds have agreed to this contract, Wendy's has not. Instead of joining the Fair Food Program, they have gone to Mexico for their tomatoes. www.boycott-wendys.org
A Penny A Pound What’s the matter with Wendy’s? Why can’t they pay Just a penny more a pound for tomatoes that come their way? They don’t have to go down to Mexico Just a penny a pound to me it sounds ok. That little red-headed girl with the braided hair Would she still have a smile on her face - If she knew where Her tomatoes come from and the wage stagnation, Forced labor and sexual exploitation. Wendy’s is a billion dollar industry. A wee bit more than the poverty we have in Immokalee. Sign on to the Fair Food Program. Get on the same page. And help us try and make a livable wage. 50 cents a cubeta; that’s 32 pounds Try putting it on your shoulder and carrying it around. We need potable water and to take a break. Stoop labor from early in the morning till our bodies ache Thanks to Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonalds, too For bringing Fair Food tomatoes from us to you. Join the coalition. It’s a human right And Boycott Wendy’s and join us in the fight.