Losing Louisiana
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Louisiana is losing its bayous and their communities to the fossil fuel industry.
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November 06, 2016
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Louisiana is losing its the bayous and their communities in the delta to the fossil fuel industry
We’re losing Louisiana, a football field an hour 16 square miles a year as dredge and drill devour We’re losing Louisiana to the oil and the gas And profit maximizing the comp’nies can amass We’re losing Louisiana and it ain’t comin back Melt water from the glaciers carried topsoil and sand 7,000 years to build & raise the land A wetlands ecosystem, growin plants and trees marshes and decay add to soil fertility But it only took a lifetime they didn’t think And with all the engineering, the land began to sink We’re losing Louisiana and it ain’t comin back Losing Louisiana, let the good times roll Drowning all the bayous in the Gulf of Mexico Cyprus, swamps and mangroves, the sinkholes suck away Cattle pastures, backyards disappearing every day Houma grey foundations, row after row Isle de Jean Charles – feels an undertow We’re losing Louisiana and it ain’t comin back Losing Louisiana for a shipping corridor Towns and wetlands off the map where they’d been before Losing Louisiana for our economy pipelines bringing- 90 percent of energy The Gulf is home to 1/2 the country’s refineries 2 million people getting caught in the squeeze. We’re losing Louisiana and it ain’t comin back