Where Greenland Used To Be
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September 03, 2012
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Tom Neilson © Tom Neilson
Story behind the song
In 2006, while touring in the UK, Tom heard the concerns of many in Scotland, Eire, and England that the Gulf Stream would shift because of global warming with the effect of creating a colder climate in the UK. The Gulf Stream shifted a few years later.
Where Greenland used to be, now has become the sea Glaciers breaking every day. With the global warmin heat & the nino stormin beat, the ice caps drip & drip away. With the biomass & fracking, sensibility is lacking, CO2 is rising endlessly From the Bushes to Barack, mountaintops they all attack, & Greenland’s melting to the sea. Yo ho ho it’s a land of ice & snow, as cold as cold as it can be. We don’t give a damn about Greenland. Let Greenland melt into the sea. The penguins and sea lions are on the verge of dyin' cause they can’t get to where they used to feed Where the ice is getting thin, walruses are fallin' in, and polar bears are drownin' in the sea. So the walruses and bears are findin different lairs, not the ones there used to be If your feet are gettin wet, it’s a pretty darn good bet that Greenland’s meltin to the sea. At the power plant in Wales are many cancer tales, people dyin door to door And you’re makin a mistake, eatin' fish out of the lake, Trawsfynydd’s polluted to the core. Yes the cancer is a growin if your swimmin or a rowin with radioactivity Way above the average are the cancers in your carriage and Greenland’s meltin to the sea In Ireland they been chillin' from BP’s oil spillin'. Oil & water never mix You see the water density from the oil company on the North Atlantic Drift is playing tricks When you got too much fresh water, salinity’s not what it oughta The North Atlantic Drift has ceased to be As the Gulf Stream is a leavin, Bonnie Scotland is a freezin & Greenland melts into the sea.