Solstice Morning
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environmental, social commentary
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December 31, 2010
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Tom Neilson © Tom Neilson
Story behind the song
Around 4 AM on the winter solstice 08, the dike holding back the coal ash waste at Kingston Fossil broke (for the third time) and the largest flood of coal ash waste in US history took out the town of Harriman, TN
Solstice morning, Harriman way Compliments of the TVA Break through your windows, flow through your doors Fill up your home to the 2nd floor. Ore a billion gallons of sludge and coal ash Where Kingston Fossil been keeping their stash. Those coal ash ponds are a ticking time bomb Of chromium, cadmium, and barium. That dike blew out in 84 Mixin slurry and sludge from a mountain core It blew out again in 2003 Send a message to Harriman, Tennessee Send a message to Harriman, Tennessee From the Emory to the Tennessee, Oh That spill is heading for the Ohio Down the Mississippi to the delta go Into the Gulf of Mexico Poison the Gulf of Mexico. Clean coal's a fairy tale we don't need Just a corporate sale of pollution and greed Arsenic, mercury, nickel, and lead All lining the banks of the river bed. Don't eat the fish, don't swim in the river Water birds die just from eating their dinner Don't drink the water, breathe the air bouquet Cause you're suckin coal ash from the TVA Now Obama says that CO2 Can be captured and redirected for you But captured clean coal technology Is redirecting down the Tennessee. Redirecting down the Tennessee.