Ministry Inc.
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Hip Hop with a grungee/rock sort of feel.
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October 10, 2007
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Aftershock/Slug/JMo/Neicie © 2005 Produced by Aftershock
(verse 1) Here we go once again man I know the devil and them demons think I'm insane (I got God) Let me put this on your membrane I'm gonna keep grindin' souls and thats real man (I got heart) A young man but I'm old school with it Proclaiming God's word like I'm in the pulpit And I aint worried about who's broke or who's rich My only concern is that your soul gets fixed (ya dig?) We display what we say with integrity They gonna hate but they wont get the best of me I get the recipe So dont mess with me Forever reppin His name I got Job in my veins A young G like David with a heart like Moses Maintaining my focus this aint no showbiz This is real life I was called out of darkness to be a light And when He found me I was posted by the tree of life I couldn't read or write Now I sleep at night Thanks to Jesus Christ H2G was right Now we shinin bright I cant stop and wont stop so dont you think twice (chorus) Ministry Inc Dedicated going straight to the top Of the mountain To proclaim the word and we wont stop Never fear We persevere til we reach the spot We steady feeding the flock Keepin the devil hot Woah (verse 2) Today. Tomorrow's not promised for you to get saved Thats a word from the Lord please move this way Available eternal life lets get saved Come on lets get saved come on Today. Tomorrow's not promised for you to get saved Thats a word from the Lord please move this way Available eternal life lets get saved Come on lets get saved yall And please dont hate I'm only out to climb up the ladder of faith Headed for glory still I'm trying to see His face Embedded with holy skills but God gets the praise (uh huh) thats always (OK) And when I face The pressures of life I get kneel and I pray Gettin up shootin the word like an AK Let rounds sound off from that book of James (uh huh) 4 and 8 (OK) The Lord still keeping boys in perspective We grind hard with the sword as the message We aint pressing just for the blessing We trying to rest in God's presence But that flesh is so dirty and messy While the Lord in the realm teaching lessons He taught me how to be real but restless And I'll chill when I see Him in essence (chorus) (verse 3) I'm only out to do what I'm destined to do But the forces of darkness so hateful So I eat my soul food and lace up my boots And stay on point thats what I'm made for. G Unit (huh) We in here (what) We going to stop the drama partner because we care This aint 50 this 100% homey This aint no game the Lord on me I'm in a submission hold He told me to get up and go Motivate the leaders to go out and save more souls Convince non-believers to walk down this Christian road Apply His principles Deny the physical The ride seems difficult sometimes but its not Be wise a listen bro the power's from up high (Up in the sky) This is my second life The first for me. The second, for Christ Gotta be an example everyday I gotta die Cant live a lie. On the mic or in my life Aftershock the X-Christian. Gotta keep my eyes focused on God's vision Keep my ear to the sky gotta listen Keep my actions in line thats submission Keep my eye on the prize thats attention (chorus)