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A short celtic guitar piece on a familiar Scottish theme.
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December 31, 2005
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David Kilpatrick © David Kilpatrick 2005
Story behind the song
The phrases used to make this are familiar from more than one Scottish air, so I have given it a name which is also common to many places. There are hundreds of places called Lochside (whether houses, farms or hamlets). The guitar is my new Russell Rose Avandel walnut/redwood OOO, a shallow body short scale, and is recorded here using one SE-1 condensor mic over my shoulder with no reverb or processing (main signal, centred) plus a pair of Behringer C-2 condensor mics mounted to receive a stereo image of the guitar from about 2 feet away, panned hard left and right, with Large Hall reverb. This component of the mix is turned down a fair amount to sit 'below' the single mic signal. Playing is bare finger with not much nail.