The Last Rays of Summer - with Armen Grigoryan
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Yerevan duduk master Armen Grigoryan has written a solo to float over the top of my guitar solo, The Last Rays of Summer, and has recorded this - much to my amazement, as it entirely transforms the music.
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April 26, 2011
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6:09 minutes
Armen Grigoryan and David Kilpatrick © Armen Grigoryan and David Kilpatrick
Story behind the song
I have always loved the Armenian duduk, a double reed woodwind pipe with a flexible, expressive, soft tone. One of my friends in Armenia, duduk student and photographer Armen Gharibyan, asked to able to give some of my guitar solo music to Armen Grigoryan. This recording is the result of the remote collaboration. At some time I hope to travel to Armenia; although their national music is more formal than it might appear to Western ears, it also capable of adaptation and variation as this recording proves.