Light And The Blindness(Live)
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July 01, 2008
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Prisoners chained inside the cave Unable to turn their heads Tied to each other, burdened The cave dark, sinister and immoral The wall in front like a ..........silver screen(Dama/movies) With the fire burning behind… (Reflectinggg) Puppeteers in the parapet, holding up the puppets Casting shadows on the silver screen Passerby’s talking to each other about tales unknown The dark den filled with echoes ….uncountable The real objects; unseen The real voice unheard The reflection and the echoes Giving life to the prisoners Seeing the shadows they start to count They start to imitate the echoes With this shallow competition of emptiness They pass their corrupt life- the prisoners Only when a prisoner is released Only when he sees the real world; Of the velvet sky, the golden sun and the luminous moon He shall realize his error The blindness of his eyes (the reflection), the deafness of his ears (the echoes) The realization gives him new ears, new eyes Rejuvenates his heart; he becomes a thinker Reaching the heights of knowledge, seeing the heaven Makes him a dreamer The Philosopher of his providence The chains he wore-the sins he committed The rivalry inside- the self-vanity The blindness- the ignorance The language he spoke- the useless But the shadow is cast once again He is sent back into the den The prison life now disgust him He tires to explain what he has felt in his soul The light of knowledge burning inside Persuasion becomes impossible As the prisoners still speak the shameful language The illusion of the objects still magnetize them Instead he is called a “mad” man, the blind one But- he is blinded by the knowledge of the forms outside He lives a strong man between the sinners Still trying, convincing Speaking the truth that lies beyond illusions