Mine Mine Mine
from the upcoming "Get Off My Lawn !"
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April 22, 2015
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Stuart Pearson © 2015
Story behind the song
comON - with a title like that you wonder what it's about?
When I get weary and it's time to go I won't be wasting all your time time There won't be wills that you can fight about Cuz it's mine mine mine! There won't be lavish trips to Monaco You won't be sailing on the Rhine Rhine I'm gonna bring it where the wormies roam Cuz it's mine mine mine! Me me, me me, mine mine mine My fancy jewelry and bric-a-brac My cellars overflow with fine wine Let "no" become your aphrodesiac Cuz it's mine mine mine! Forget about the polo ponies, the zambonies, And the pheremony ceremonies, Honing hegemony, cloning phony bony Tonys, No landowning, no rezoning Cuz it's mine mine mine mine mine! I'll build a tomb the size of Idaho Deep as the TauTona mine mine I'll pack it tight like any hoarder's home Cuz it's mine mine mine! I'll take the missing Michaelangelos The ten commandments' golden shrine shrine. I'll even take the recipe for coke Cuz it's mine mine mine!