04 Kennedy Hours
from my new CD, "Uncle Fuddy", featuring the swanky Debra Tala !
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February 17, 2015
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Stuart Pearson © 2014
Story behind the song
from my new recreation of 1968 AM radio, this song features Debra Tala and discusses the many options in apparel.
Ivory silk, double satin twill in my Kennedy Hours. Georgette Chiffon, a sequined evening gown, Kennedy Hours. Pink and gold silk organza, Brocaded evening dress and cape. Taffeta dress with a matching coat for my Kennedy Hours. Shell blouse in ivory dot-embroidered silk, Kennedy Hours. Knit suit, asparagus green, Wool jersey, ivory trim, That keeps them wondering. And where there’s elegance, all the cameras go. And if there’s something you’ve hidden, all the cameras know. You recreate yourself, every day you play yourself, Millions on stage all alone. Knee length and sleeveless, apricot in my Kennedy Hours. Skirt is an A-line, gathered at the waist, Kennedy Hours. Organdy collared necklines, Jackets with canted ribbon trim, Keep them wondering. And where the camera leads, elegance must go. You are what you believe, every photo knows. Escape inside the scrim, silhouettes of her and him, Millions that dance all alone. And where the bunting ends, better dreams begin. You can’t be sad without, with Ziberline within. And when they yell “last call!” They’ll say “He looked magical”, Millions reach out all alone.