13 Liberace Fibonacci
from my new CD "Uncle Fuddy" http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/stuartpearson3
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February 16, 2015
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Stuart Pearson / Hutner Lowry © 2014
Story behind the song
meaning???? you'll have to ask Hunter !
Liberace- fibonacci -somehow entwined these and and many other things trouble my mind- hotcakes and paperweights - both are benign bosons and fermions -the nature of time.." That's how the letter read... so many questions- the author now dead-- "bosons and fermions= meaninginless nouns... open up your eyes to the color of sound..." The quantum formulations, they are dripping with light The walrus and the Carpenter both seem so politeā€¦ The answers are here..the answers are here...somewhere... The answers are here-- the answers are here...somewhere.. "Phatasmagoric poppycock! a devilish grin- My ass and Zero mass- two units of spin- Happy hour cocktails with slices of lime... Closed-loop supersymmetry consuming spacetime...." Oh Dad, what do you mean.. Twisting my brain, your secrets to glean... "black hole entropy.... black hole entropy...