07 Why Don't You Get A Job
from my new cd "Uncle Fuddy"
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February 15, 2015
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Stuart Pearson © 2014
Story behind the song
From "Uncle Fuddy" and featuring a rafters-shaking vocal by Kelly Corsino. A song about lowering expectations...
WHY DON’T YOU GET A JOB? © 2014 Stuart Pearson Why don’t you get a job? The CIA doesn’t require you, The FBI doesn’t desire you, So get up off the couch. Why don’t you get a job? The phone that was ringing has finally stopped. There’s no Uncle Sam calls for covert ops, I saw an ad for Von’s night shift… Paid for training, you earn while you learn. Start at boxboy and work your way up ‘til you run the Von’s! Why don’t you get a job? Even the Russians have changed their ways. Your arch nemesis runs a Circle-K. In Palmdale near the mall. Why don’t you get a job? Your day planner’s dusty and looks like hell, The pizza guy isn’t a sleeper cell, And he makes more than you, wake up! Drive a big rig, maybe join DeVry, You could learn to build xrays or lasers They may help you find a job! Get a job, or God sakes get a job GET A JOB !!!!