Liszt Rigoletto Paraphrase
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Sgouros balances the complexity, the impressionistic figurations and the bel canto of this popular Liszt operatic transcription in a stunningly impressive manner. 1989 Sydney Opera House. Visit for more info on Sgouros.
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August 28, 2004
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This is Liszt's well-known Concert Paraphrase of the quartet from the end of the last act of Verdi's opera Rigoletto. This is of course a hugely difficult piece, encompassing a wide variety of pianistic devices. Liszt had written this piece along with a number of other transcriptions from Verdi's operas over a period of some thirty-five years. This particular paraphrase was composed in 1859, some eight years after the first performance of the opera. *** FOR LATEST NEWS ABOUT DIMITRIS SGOUROS PLEASE VISIT ***