The Night Is Young
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Vocals were recorded in the toilet in DeVilles house!Why?Well some smart Alec might say "Those vocals sound like they were recorded in a toilet"Cue the bands reply "That's because they were!"
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July 26, 2004
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Words Dominic LaVey Music DeVille/LaVey/Diablo © Hades Records assigned to Nosferatu Residuals 2003
Story behind the song
Inspired by a trip to the local off-licence in Lingfield, Surrey. Probably one of the fastest Nosferatu songs written & recorded. Original version has a drum machine, the latter has Rat Scabies on drums.
Lyrics © Dominic LaVey 1999 & 2000 THE NIGHT IS YOUNG We move in silhouette Loved in candlelight Can’t you feel the night is young Come Dance With The Ghost Step in through my door Don’t you know the night is young In the city lights A pale reflection’s calling How we love the night so young Hanging from horizons eyes See the faces crystalline Trace your foot steps, follow through Down on the ground and kiss those black lips Back upon you, waiting on Sound of heartbeats, breathing’s drawn Tasting your temptation My dark embraces revelation Up above the skyline hightime Look across the evenings cries So many empty hearts just wasting Time they don’t have left to kill The moonlight guides the darkness near To a place where desire waits In cold anticipation The Devil lays down your salvation