Impure Eyes
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March 08, 2010
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Kime/Quin © 2010 Kime/Quin
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She wants his money and it feeds her dreams
Impure Eyes (Kime/Quin) Amelie admires the crystal chandelier In the center of his mirrored ceiling It reflects her body, his treasured vice She going to give him everything she's got this evening But the light never reveals The power Amelie wields Or her insistent need to satisfy Her fragrant breasts spill from silk lingerie They touch the finest satin where she lay She takes a bite on sweet confectionary Dreams of a white lace wedding day But that's not the dream her lover shares As he parks his car, walks the stairs He only goes with her for one thing He doesn't know Amelie Never tries He doesn't love Amelie Tells her lies Between her thighs A tempting prize He sees Amelie Through impure eyes Fresh out of school, seeking some attention She loves his money and it feeds her dreams His purse is big, her heart is full Both purse and heart are breaking at the seams Now she's on her knees Eager to please He pats her head and says well done Nothing is believed Deceivers are deceived But for him the young girl's heart Doesn't come for free ? 2010 Kime/Quin