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July 01, 2007
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Dobbins/Quin © Dobbins/Quin 2007
Julie © Dobbins/Quin Julie walks the meadow By the willow trees They cast a morning shadow On her cottage by the stream A basket full of blossoms A pocket full of treats She lies down in cool grass And sings herself to sleep Julie has a sweetheart Hand in hand they stroll Along the waves of heather Skipping pools that dot the road Little loving touches And promises confessed She giggles and she blushes As she whispers her consent Julie at the station Misty, chilly fall In warm, strong arms she shivers As the train begins to crawl She gives him one white flower A pocket full of sweets He climbs aboard the carriage And quietly she weeps Suddenly she wakes up In her rocking chair Tired old hands are knitting A scarf no one will wear A basket full of blossoms A pocket full of sweets She folds away her glasses And sings her self to sleep In her favourite dream...