Devil's Door
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April 11, 2007
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Brinkert/Quin © Brinkert/Quin 2007
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Collab with Mel
Devil’s Door © 2007 Brinkert/Quin Weakness and worry A caustic combination My mind and body buzzing With bitter condemnation Gave away my pride My self-determination In a minute of release Found a world of pure damnation Withered and wasted Like the ones who went before Instead of seeing God I met the devil at the door Naked on the threshold Of decadent destruction The passage to my soul alit With pleasure and corruption Never more alive While dead inside my room Aware enough to fear the dark Of hell’s eternal tomb I should have known Should have turned away Kept that false friend buried In my yesterday Save me, mama Pray for me mama Get me out alive The black is chasing after And now I’m running faster Faster han I’ve ever run before My legs are getting weary My sights are getting teary But I gotta keep on running Beat the devil to the door