Piranha Lover
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A fishy tale about a girl who liked to nibble
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October 07, 2007
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Piranha Lover I met Piranha Lover at the city aquarium She had steamy thoughts and pretty soon she was sharing them She said she was a Pisces and my chance was near But when I kissed her lips, she bit me on the ear Once bitten, forever smitten Piranha Lover beyond compare Just a tickle, then a nibble And in a minute she will strip you bare I never met a girl with tastes so raw and juicy She had little front teeth to use when she got fruity She bit me in some places you don't need to know Like Belsize Park and Walthamstow Most girls like romance and roses But she likes biting fingers, toes and noses Kissing's not enough, she wants a little more It's not such strange behaviour Just part of human nature She's in touch with her inner carnivore As she walked me home that night She asked to come in for a bite Well who am I to ignore? I woke up in the morning with all over laceration The passion had was beyond expectation She had picked me clean and fled the scene I had a broken heart and a tube of Germolene © Gentle/Quin