Age Doesn't Always Bring Wisdom
One guitar, one voice
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February 12, 2006
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Nigel Quin © Nigel Quin 2006
Age Doesn’t Always Bring Wisdom © Nigel Quin [Verse 1] I was sitting on the front porch swing Watching my dog dig the ground He’s fifteen years old now but still never learned That water sprinklers spin around His face looked so sad and confused As he got soaked while he chewed on a bone Age doesn’t always bring wisdom Sometimes age comes alone [Verse 2] Yesterday I saw old gambling Joe He had just lost on another sure bet A ‘For Sale’ sign had just gone up on his car But it still won’t pay off the debt He had to sell his TV, guitar and his wristwatch And now they’ve cut off the phone Age doesn’t always bring wisdom Sometimes age comes alone [Bridge] “Older and wiser” they say But I know that it just isn’t true Cause tonight as I lay in my cold lonely bed I will be thinking of you [Verse 3] It will be one year ago tomorrow Since you walked out of my life I gave you no choice I kept treating you bad Only a fool would have stayed my wife Believe me the shame don’t get any easier It's the deepest hurt I've ever known Age doesn't always bring wisdom Sometimes age comes alone