Catch That Worm
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Work up this morning to find my alarm broke and I was running behind.....
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July 02, 2007
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Dargitz/Quin © Dargitz/Quin 2005
Catch That Worm © Kassie Dargitz/Nigel Quin Woke up this morning to find My alarm was broke and I was running behind Should I call in sick?, Then a voice in my head said, “Better get dressed, quick!” So I jump in my car There’s a traffic jam not going far Man on the radio Said the road was clear twenty minutes ago! Running late again Following the herd Always last to know what everyone has heard Prove my fate again I’m not the early bird But one of these days I swear I’m gonna catch that worm Then waddaya know The red fuel light began to glow Had to fill up fast And the voice inside my head said “The boss is gonna kick your ass” The man in the store Recognised me from the week before He said the guy in front of me Bought the winning ticket in the state lottery Distracted by the magazine rack Twenty hunky guys all staring back I know you think I’m superstitious But number thirteen sure looks delicious