The Fool
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A fool to help fulfil the Queen's delights
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April 04, 2005
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Taub/Quin © Taub/Quin 2005
The Fool © 2004 Michael Taub/Nigel Quin Verse 1 Who, likely thinks that I'm the fool? A stringless puppet, the jester's tool Performing feats on banquet nights To help fulfil the queens delights Verse 2 Who, likely thinks that I’m the fool? While breaking saucers, and juggling rules The silent mimes in royal wings Who await a chance to court for king Bridge 1 Our names announced, at the finest balls The trumpets play, my duty calls Bridge 2 At your side I’m flaunted as the crown But then you stow me on your shelf When there are no subjects around Verse 3 Who, likely thinks that I’m the fool? For parting ways , from royal jewels Escaping walls that masked the sun I can now see a new day’s begun Who, likely thinks that I’m the fool?