Fixing To Die
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A future together now a life untold
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April 16, 2005
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Bobby Dodd/Nigel Quin © Bobby Dodd/Nigel Quin 2004
Fixing To Die © Bobby Dodd/Nigel Quin 2004 You went underground with no resistance, An eternity to escape your pain, You hide the scars of a troubled existence, Inflicted by a needle to your vein… Summer winds are blowing cold, Clouding my mind with what could have been, A future together, now a life untold, Torn apart by a battle you couldn’t win… Fixing to die, fixing to die Our love is gone on an endless high Never a cry, never a try You were only ever Fixing to die The dust has settled, you’re alone in the dark, With all your secrets safe from the day, I’m on the streets hiding my tracks From a dealer’s promise to take my pain Every now and then you get under my skin, Your bony fingers slowly working their way in, Frantically searching for one final hit