Bad Back Boogie
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Dedicated to everyone who has ever suffered from a bad back
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September 14, 2004
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Denise Vrana\Nigel Quin © Denise Vrana\Nigel Quin 2004
Bad Back Boogie © Quin/Vrana 2004 It’s the start of the weekend And I am lying here Can’t reach the remote Can’t reach my beer My girl thinks I’m faking And tells me everything I lack But the doctor says the problem Is my sacroiliac ……It’s the Bad Back Boogie Bad Back Boogie Bad Back Boogie On a Saturday night My girl is getting bored So she dips into my whisky She whispers in my ear Good Lord - she's feeling frisky! She seems to be over Our lover’s tiff She’s lookin' fine tonight It's a shame I'm so stiff….with the My pain is getting worse Time to call a hearse Read my last rites Turn out the lights Last thing I heard Was the clock strike seven Fed up with this hell Time to go to heaven St Peter’s standing there At the pearly gate Looking kinda mad Cause the boss made him late Through the shiny bars I could see God sitting there I knew why he was looking So awkward in his chair