Old Man
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June 27, 2005
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James McCanna © James McCanna
Story behind the song
I used to work in Seattle and would regularly encounter street people. The thought occurred to me that we are all one day, one injury, one event away from the same thing.
Old Man Tired old man walks The cold streets of Seattle With worn down broom he stalks The fallen leaves he battles With bent over shuffling gate Wearing shoes worn clear through He sweeps every street grate As he’s compelled to do Crazy street corner lady Bags strewn at her feet Gets herself ready For someone she is to meet With twitching fidget hands She rolls her hair into balls With imaginary rubber bands And again when her hair falls It just doesn’t seem fair But for a bit of grace go I I’ve taken more than my share And I don’t recall having to try In every person’s past Was once the face of child With a future yet uncast Wide-eyed innocent and wild No one ever sets out to fail Yet some are formed to a mold As their paths unveil Their lives start to unfold Spider webs are like our lives Combining what’s made with what’s caught These goals to which we strive We don’t always get what you sought We are more or less the same Some of us lose and some win Despite what some may claim The differences are so thin