If I Were A God
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Man never seems to learn.
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June 13, 2004
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If I Were A God If I were a God looking down at man I would wonder what had gone wrong With my plan To make an enlightened race Give them a world to make Knowing they would learn from their mistakes For all the knowledge they have gained There is so little they have learned If I were a wise man trying to seek out The meaning of what this life Is all about I would concentrate On just one thing There’s no harmony when only one voice sings Life is like a diamond that takes white light And turns it into many hues I’m just a man trying hard to see The truth my children Ask of me The answer seems clear so simple it’s sublime We can only change the world One person at a time Truth is more than the sum of its parts Revealed only when seen through different views Take your children close to your heart This is the best place to start If I were a God looking down at man I would wonder if I should Change my plan