Priscilla Castro
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Now somewhere in the black mining hills of Washington There lived a young girl named Priscilla Castro...
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January 16, 2011
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Sum Dum Ahole / Mr Roboto
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A human sent me these lyrics, so I created the music for it.
When you're young life seems so bright, You don't know what's in store, Like the summer I worked in Omak, for the conservation corps. I fell hard for a brown eyed girl, by the name of Pricilla Castro, and I thought she loved me too, man, what dumb asshole. we hiked on up St. Mary's Creek, To the waterfall, we hugged and kissed it was such bliss, beneath the rainbow wall. We walked beneath the chrystal stars, And talked about our lives, and wondered where things went from here, but I didn't realize. the things at work down in her soul, The places where no one can go, And motivations dark and cold, that lead her down another road. She and Russ went to the gym, With no one else around, Climbed up on the trampoline, where they bounced up and down. Russ gave me the lowdown, cause, he thought I ought to know, I went into freefall, man, I never felt so low. And I wonder why she did me wrong, And why she hurt me so, That rotten, fickle brown-eyed girl, by the name of Pricilla Castro.